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LOGOS Youth Club

LOGOS Youth ClubThis activity is non-denominational. Youth Club is the place to be on Wednesday evenings (see below for meeting times)! Meet new friends, have fun and feel the love of God. Parents are encouraged to volunteer as table parents, teachers, and cooks. There is a place for the whole family at Youth Club. Students may come to three free sessions before signing up. There is no fee to participate in LOGOS. For additional information call the church office at (440) 885-1360.

At LOGOS, we believe that nothing is more important than a saving relationship with God through Jesus Christ and that we should all seek to be His disciples. The LOGOSministry focuses this belief on the nurture of children and youth – helping them to develop into life-long believers and practicing disciples of Jesus Christ.

The four parts of the LOGOS weekly ministry model are:

  • Bible Study
    Bible study nurtures youth and children into intelligent, obedient, and biblically informed discipleship. In grade level groups, each LOGOS class uses a curriculum that is designed to meet their unique needs and learning capabilities.
  • Worship Skills
    Worship is essential and central to the Christian community. In Worship Skills young people learn about worship and prepare to lead in the Sunday morning service of worship. This is typically done through singing, chimes, puppetry, drama, etc.
  • Recreation Play
    Recreation Play allows LOGOS young people to experience great fun at the expense of no one else. They participate in games and active play, do crafts, or experience the hobby or special interest of a member of the congregation. When we reveal ourselves in play, we strengthen friendships, and when conflicts occur, we practice our Child of God theology.
  • Family Time
    Family Time provides a joyous, intergenerational celebration of personhood over a shared meal as LOGOS young people experience being part of the family of God. Young people are assigned to tables along with one or two adults who act as "table parents." The group around the table becomes a family as they share meals together throughout the year. Food is served family style. Conversation is purposeful. Life is celebrated!

LOGOS Youth Club Meeting Times:
5:30 - 8:20 P.M. (including Confirmation)

Please contact the Church Office at (440) 885-1360 for information on registering your child for LOGOS Youth Club at Ridgewood.

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